Better Black News Wants You To “Be Better”

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – November 3rd, 2015 was a pivotal night not only for African-American community of Oklahoma City –it was a monumental night for people of all demographics everywhere. Jillian Whitaker, UCO graduate and native of Oklahoma City, was frustrated with the obstacles she was facing along her journey to fulfill her passion in life: journalism. She had reached her wit’s end and was ready to throw in the towel on her dreams, as the field she pursued closed door after door on her talent and commitment to do what it was that she lived and breathed for. Author, Joseph Campbell was quoted, “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.” Whitaker took her frustrations, faith in God and motivation to do something to enrich the African-American community of Oklahoma City and did just that– created her bliss.

Whitaker told the jovial crowd that her idea for “Better Black News” was birthed from an interview she did with a good friend and now, business partner, Courtney Martin, founder of Debate Night OKC. Whitaker was disheartened that every report she saw regarding the black community in her city surrounded negative events and perpetuated detrimental stereotypes. She was more than determined to do something to change that predicament. This positive idea snowballed into a brilliant foundational premise –changing the general media perception of black Americans by replacing the negative social stigmas with positive black archetypes. Together, with Martin, Whitaker created a parent group for Better Black News, called Better Black Media Group (BBMG). Tuesday night, at Whitaker’s launch party for Better Black News, she announced the media platform BBMG and a few of its current partners.

Guests from various demographics and backgrounds gathered at Drinkz Bar, located in the heart of Bricktown, with great anticipation, all eager to see the first interview featuring Ward 7 Councilman John Pettis. The interview gave many of the first-time viewers insight to the development plans for the ¬†Northeast Shopping Center and even more insight on some of the issues residents of that community have been facing. This interview sparked interesting dialogue among many of the attendees regarding the Northeast shopping center, the unrepresented side of news in this city, and what other exclusives are to come from Whitaker and Better Black News. Many of the attendees commented that seeing Better Black News come to fruition and hearing Whitaker’s heartfelt story inspired them to continue chasing after their own respective dreams.

Whitaker and her team are changing the scene for news and media not only a local scale, but with their promise and commitment they are destined to take over the world. This is a movement you don’t want to miss. Check out Better Black News on Facebook, Instagram (@BetterBlackNews) and on twitter (@BetterBlackNews). Tune into Better Black Media at

Better Black News

If you support this vision, support Whitaker in her endeavors– no donation is one too small. Donate Now!


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