This will most likely NOT be the most unorthodox post I ever publish, so if this seems like it might be out your lane then I probably won’t be one of the sites you bookmark on your device of preference– and quite honestly, I’m okay with that. I think in a lot of ways we conform ourselves to the point of creative frustration. I certainly know I’ve been guilty of that.. I’ve tried to fit into a certain paradigm of thought that I’ve killed the characteristics that made me, me. I promise this relates to what I’ve actually come here to say, just work with me here..

Conformity is not necessarily a terrible thing. I’m starting to realize that nothing we do is really terrible –its really all about perspective and what ends you’re setting out to meet. For me, continued conformity is the birthplace for continued comfort; comfort leads to complacency; complacency is the resting place for growth. If I were to be honest with myself, any time I’ve grown has been from a place of painful discomfort. I’m hardheaded and as my dad would say I “don’t think fat meat is greasy,” so typically I have to learn from falling straight on my face. But all those experiences have enabled me to learn so much about myself.

I’m a resilient, ferociously zealous woman. I’m tough, principled, skeptical and once I trust enough to let you in past those walls of weariness, I’m soft, sensitive and loyal to a fault. I have a huge heart and I love hard. I’m very much business minded and very much black and white in regards to most situations. I said all of that to say, we must STOP apologizing for living who we are. Everybody has their testimony story they’re living out.. We have to trust God as we live out our own.

I’m sure many people will read this and interpret everything but exactly what I’ve said but honestly, that’s not my fault nor is it really my concern. I just wanted to encourage at least one person to understand it’s okay be who you are in this moment. We’re never really through growing. Unless God has revealed to you otherwise, it’s not your responsibility to be liked or even appreciated by all you encounter. Your goal in life should never be to shrink yourself so that everyone else can shine. It shouldn’t be your position to encourage others to diminish their insecurities at your expense.

And occassionally that may mean some people WILL NOT see it for you. WHO CARES? WHO GONE POP YOU? Nobody. And if they try… well, that’s another post for another day. Nonetheless, be yourself — eff the rest, baby.. And above all stay trill.


Better Black News Wants You To “Be Better”

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – November 3rd, 2015 was a pivotal night not only for African-American community of Oklahoma City –it was a monumental night for people of all demographics everywhere. Jillian Whitaker, UCO graduate and native of Oklahoma City, was frustrated with the obstacles she was facing along her journey to fulfill her passion in life: journalism. She had reached her wit’s end and was ready to throw in the towel on her dreams, as the field she pursued closed door after door on her talent and commitment to do what it was that she lived and breathed for. Author, Joseph Campbell was quoted, “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.” Whitaker took her frustrations, faith in God and motivation to do something to enrich the African-American community of Oklahoma City and did just that– created her bliss.

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Product Review: Younique 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara Set

So for the past year or so I’ve watched YouTube videos and read reviews about a particular product that has hit the web and beauty industry running. I was skeptical because well, let’s just be honest, I’m skeptical over everything. Generally most of the reviews I’ve read were from people selling the product and the videos I saw were from ladies who had lashes out the wazoo so I didn’t really know how to feel about this product and I certainly didn’t know how my “coins” would feel about being used to purchase it. So I fought off my product-junkism (a financially fatal disease) and stuck to my handy dandy drugstore mascaras and my absolute favorite FALSIES!

Just this past Christmas holiday I was given the chance to try this product I’d been side eyeing for over a year and let. me. tell. you. something.. Younique 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara is NOT a scam, it’s NOT a lie, and more importantly its WORTH it. So let me give you a quick breakdown of the product.

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Chicly Cold-Blooded

I always believe that everyone has their favorite season and typically that favoritism for whichever season they absolutely love is normally displayed by their attire. My favorite season is Spring and so naturally I invest more into my Spring wardrobe and quite honestly, I’m just more creative with my outfits for the Spring. However, this time last year I realized that I didn’t have a uniform for the colder months. And having a uniform for various occasions and seasons is very important. With that being said, I’m a huge fan of the television drama Scandal and like most Gladiators I am in love with the protagonist Olivia Pope’s wardrobe.
I’m sure you all have seen the show so you already know that Livvie’s attire is always colder weather chic. She very classic, timeless, and simple with everything she wears. Now, while I have not seen Ms. Pope dress down casually as you might see someone who is dressed to go to a house party or basketball game (as expected– my girl is too busy saving everybody else’s tails to do such trivial things) I imagine that if she was able to sneak away with Fitz or Jake for a movie date, this is what her outfit would look like.
Flawlessly Cold-Blooded
Hey! Maybe I’m crazy but I would definitely wear this as a simple look and feel like a Gladiator in jeans, hunni! You tell me: Is it a Hit or Miss? How do you envision Olivia Pope kicking it?
Brutefully Beautiful, Brutefully Yours,

Happy NYE: WOC Winter Glow & An Introduction to Flawless Fridays

To kick off the first Friday of the new year, we thought what better way then to continue to glitz, gold, and glam most of us brought in the new year with– it’s time to learn how to achieve the ultimate flawless winter glow. Like every year (since probably the beginning of time) people all across the world strategize on how they wish to make the new year better than the last. People make resolutions about their careers, academic lives, relationships, faith journeys, travel plans, and so and so forth. But honestly, ask yourself what better resolution to make than to vow to present your best face? And who doesn’t look absolutely stunning with a gorgeous glow?


Stars like Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, Nia Long, Ciara, Angela Simmons, Solange Knowles, Queen Latifah, and many more have mastered the art of achieving that Summer glow all year-long. So why not join that list and learn the easiest and most universally flattering way to make sure your face is glowing from season to season. I sat pondering this notion for almost a week and I came up with the best way to achieve this look most skin types (dry skin ladies can omit the use of Milk of Magnesia as a primer and use a moisturizing primer) and all beautiful shades of color.

Style File: Collegiate Grunge

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! 🙂 Just stopping by very quickly to drop a style file for all of you Brute Beauties. Yesterday was a get up and go kind of day but a lady still likes to look polished before leaving the house. Since it’s November but the high was in the 70’s, I decided to serve a little collegiate grunge.

First, let’s start with the makeup! I was all inspired by my lipstick choice for the day. The color is Maybelline’s Colorsensational in 455 “Mauve-ulous. It’s a very vampy purple color, which I’m ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH! It kind of reminds me of a vampire bite (don’t ask, I don’t know.. that’s just how I’m feeling.)

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